Walk in the Park with Aline Santos Farhat

A walk in the park with Aline Santos Farhat

We leave our pousada just after breakfast. We walk to the corner of the street where we hail a taxi. “To Parque da Luz next to the Pinacoteca,” I say in my best Portuguese. The taxi makes a left turn, then a right and then a left again, zigzagging through the streets of Jardims Paulista.
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Dirt is Good - Persil - Aline Santos Farhat

“DIRT IS GOOD” – by Aline Santos Farhat

We’re in Aline Santos Farhat´s office at the Unilever headquarters, a light and airy suite with a view over São Paolo. We’re lucky to be in town at the same time as Aline: as OMO’s Global Senior Vice President, she seems to be constantly on the move. “It’s part of the job, since OMO is present in more than 70 countries,” she says as we sit down at a large round table. “I have to liaise with all the local marketing departments and make sure that the brand messaging is in tune across the board so that the brand potential is truly unleashed. Continue reading

The right to play - Omo - Aline Santos Farhat - Unilever

“Every child has the Right to play” – Aline Santos Farhat

We’re in Aline Santos Farhat´s office at the Unilever headquarters in São Paolo

Aline: “We are encouraging mothers to let their kids play, explore and discover. Let them dig into the sand and the mud, make paintings, climb in trees, play football – anything that will stimulate their minds and help them grow mentally and physically. The message to mothers is: ‘You take care of your child’s development, we will take care of the laundry.’” Continue reading