CoolBrands People

We created a personal landing page for Aline, so that she can share her personal reputation with the rest of the world.

It is important to transfer her ‘real world reputation’ into the online world.
As we all know, we live in a reputation-based economy, where Google is the new background check…

When people Google you, they base their opinion on what they see on the first page.
Most of the time they just scan the titles, so we have to make sure these are relevant.

The stories are short and written in narrative form.
Because of the ‘information overload’, people do not want more information…
…they want a story they can relate to.

We created ‘CoolBrandsPeople’ – a service that will help you create and update your ‘personal reputation’ online.
We do this by creating content. Writing your story, taking pictures, creating video footage and making sure these stories pop up on the first page when people Google you.

For more information or to subscribe, visit

Online Reputation

This landing page and the content have been created by ‘CB Personal’, a brand.

Read more stories:

Kola Oyeyemi – Nigeria
Edouard Malbois – France / Brazil
Jean-Baptiste Santoul – France
Maarten Schäfer – Netherlands / Brazil
Vera Lopes – Brazil
Marc Capra – Brazil / USA
Clay Mills – USA / Netherlands
Diego Ruzzarin – Brazil
Helen Kupfer Haas – France / Brazil
Heela Yang Tsuzuki – USA / South Korea
Joaquin Bacardi – Puerto Rico
Mark Terry-Lush – UK
Jose Miguel Sokoloff – Colombia
Roberto Stern – Brazil
Stephanie Hancock – Singapore
Anouk Pappers – Netherlands / Brazil
Lenny Niemeyer – Brazil
Oscar Metsavaht – Brazil
Yulia Lesnikova – Russia
Katerina Rogova – Russia / Netherlands
Danaë Tellers – Netherlands
Dorus H. de Vries – Netherlands
Carole van Bekkum – Netherlands
Monica Sweet – Brazil / France
Anouk Schafer – France
Mart Meijer – Netherlands (Dutch)
Aur – Thailand
May Wong – UK
Rob Connolly – UK
Aline Santos Farhat – Brazil
Philip Thomas – UK


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